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Client Testimonial

Paul Foote

  • February 2, 2017
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My wife and I contacted Attorney David Bryan after a woman hit me with her car as I walked my dog in the neighborhood where I lived. Mr. Bryan came to my home for my first interview with him as I was bed-ridden with a fractured hip and other injuries. I am a college professor, and this injury meant that I would be out of work for several months. As I recovered over those many months, Mr. Bryan regularly conferred with me not only about my healing progress but also about the amount of pain I was enduring. In order to make a record of my pain as I recovered, early on Mr. Bryan obtained one of the Pain Management charts such as you see in doctor’s offices or in hospital rooms where you can pick a figure out of ten figures to indicate your pain level. Mr. Bryan regularly checked with me and made notes on my pain level at intervals. In my opinion, the documentation of my damages, especially my pain and suffering, accumulated by Mr. Bryan could have not been done better. In the end, Mr. Bryan used all of his documentation of my damages to formulate a settlement demand for the policy limits from the insurance company who insured the driver. To our relief, the insurance company seemed to pay without any hesitation. My wife and I are grateful to Mr. Bryan for all of his diligent efforts during an extremely difficult period of time in my life. As a result of his meticulous work, my wife and I quickly received compensatory monetary damages in order to pay back our costly medical expenses. Mr. Bryan is an eloquent writer that cogently conveyed the extent of my injuries and loss of life’s pleasantries to the liability insurance company.