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Client Testimonial

Sara Charlene Singer

  • May 10, 2017
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I contacted Attorney David Bryan regarding my divorce from my husband on the recommendation from a friend. I was told Mr. Bryan would be aggressive and thorough. I hired Mr. Bryan to represent me in my divorce, but, initially, Mr. Bryan and I just took some time to talk about what results I wanted in my divorce. When I finally decided it was time to move forward, Mr. Bryan quickly filed my complaint for divorce and set a hearing for a judge to hear the temporary issues. I was satisfied with the results of that hearing. Mr. Bryan then advised that we take depositions in my case. Mr. Bryan took my husband’s deposition and my husband’s attorney took mine. Mr. Bryan took all the time I needed to prepare me for the deposition. More importantly, at the trial of my divorce in January, 2017, Mr. Bryan used my husband’s testimony from his deposition extensively to raise doubt on many of my husband’s claims at trial. At the end of the trial, the judge asked that the attorneys submit written argument for his decision. I saw Mr. Bryan’s written argument before he submitted it to the judge. Mr. Bryan’s written argument was over 8 pages long, single spaced, and he covered every essential detail to make his argument to the judge what we thought was fair in distribution of the marital assets and debts against what my husband was asking to receive. We received the Judge’s decision a few weeks later, and I was very pleased with Mr. Bryan’s efforts which resulted in my receiving very fair results.